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Finally took the plunge to move one of my projects to jdk 19 and the Looming goodness and was pointing clojure to the jdk using the JAVA_CMD env var. Everything was fine til I hit the uber jar step in the CI, where it simply refused to recognise the jdk 19 fns. Took me a while and including reading the source to realise why it wasn't propagating the JAVA_CMD var and turns out I had to read env and send the :java_cmd in the b/compile-clj call. I can see why the behaviour is like this, but would :java_cmd defaulting to the value of JAVA_CMD something that could be considered? Feels a bit more intuitive for me, as mostly the invocations of fns would be from the shell 🙂

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:08:36

Can you post this on and I'll make a ticket for it?


Sure thing! Thanks a lot! 😄