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I have a function like:

(defn tag [{:keys [version]}] ...)
And when I try clj -T:build tag :version "1.2.3" it gives me a Unreadable arg: "1.2.3" , am I missing something? I didn't find a example on guide passing anything other than a keyword so not sure if that is suppose to work


It works if I pass clj -T:build tag :version :1.2.3 but it looks a little bit weird

Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:11:57

when passing strings, you need to include the outer quotes in the literal value

Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:11:14

clj -T:build tag :version '"1.2.3"'


Oh, I missed that, thank you! it works


Friday win: today we replaced half our ancient ant build.xml and scripts with a couple of functions! (the rest of that mess deals specifically with our legacy apps which will eventually get replaced by shiny Clojure 🙂 )