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If they are deftests I can run them with shortcuts in my editor and I can use setup code / fixtures.

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Actually I wonder how often fixtures get called for nested tests.


it doesn't seem to invoke the fixtures for the nested tests. So the behavior will be different depending on if you call the tests individually vs the grouped thing. I think that makes it less useful

Noah Bogart13:05:51

oo, that’s tough

Noah Bogart13:05:49

another idea: have the top-level tests marked with ^:subtest, but put the implementation in a function that you can call from c-test too?

(defn a-test-fn []
  (is (= 1 2)))

(defn b-test-fn []
  (is (= 1 2)))

(deftest ^:subtest a-test

(deftest ^:subtest b-test

(deftest c-test