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Renzo Tomlinson01:01:47

Hello, I'm looking for more material on property-based testing and companies that use it or consult for it. Quviq was mentioned in @ericnormand's property-based courses, but they don't seem particularly active. I sent them an email anyway and hoping to hear back. Either way, I can't find much online since I'm guessing the space is pretty small. Just as practice, I've been going back through generic algorithm challenges and taking a more property-based approach with the plan to practice on more complex systems as I become more proficient. If anyone has anything to share, it would be greatly appreciated!


@rttomlinson I must have missed the mention of Quviq in Eric's courses (I took all three of the PBT courses recently)...

Renzo Tomlinson02:01:10

It was a very brief mention. I didn't even really know how to spell it until I looked up some John Hughes presentations on youtube and saw it there. 😅


We use PBT for some stuff at work (but that probably doesn't help you).


Pretty sure the only company out there making a business out of PBT is Hughes' group?

Renzo Tomlinson02:01:43

gotcha. well, hopefully I hear something back from them.