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Is there a known thing in clojure.test that the *ns* is bound to user ? I’m trying to use a macro to generate temp databases that are unique to the namespace and it seems that both Kaocha and cognitect/test-runner will set the namespace to user , probably doing the test discovery phase?


Running the tests frmo the repl works just fine.


Huh, when you require a namespace, the *ns* var is not set to the “required” namespace, but stays to user…


(for folks here who are not in #clojure-dev that discussion shifted there and was answered -- TL;DR: it's the intended behavior)


Yeah I think I should delete the noise? I started from kaocha, shifted to testing after I tried cognitect/test-runner, then to clojure-dev with the root repro


Your call. I just wanted to tie up the loose end that the posts seem to be. 🙂