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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:05:14

Hello folks, is anybody here interested in Specification by Example, i.e. "executable specifications" of business rules/logic, presented as a tree of linked web pages specifying the rules and demonstrating them with examples, which are - via instrumentation - bound to actual test code and run as tests, showing results inline in this "living documentation"? Have you perhaps heard about, which is a great, Java-based tool for this? If so, please consider giving a try to , which adds support for writing the instrumentation code in Clojure & clojure.test. I crave feedback 🙂 And if you have never heard about Spec. by Example before, maybe you could give it a try? (The Concordion page is a good introduction and this book is its bible; I believe this talk is also a great and entertaining intro)