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hey guys, as i said earlier, i’m indeed planning to start a new project that is focussed heavily towards testing microservices and proper deployment practices regarding microservices, it is quite well known that if you want to do proper end-to-end testing, your integration tests can start to take forever — and a common solution to this problem is to mock interfaces during tests, which is just a workaround, and not a real solution. furthermore, tests usually focus on a single repository rather than a complete system (which consists of many smaller services/repositories). i feel that there is a lot of room for improvement in this area, and would like to look at specific cases to figure out the right abstractions / configuration mechanisms to make this work for everyone. regarding deployment practices, with microservices, backwards incompatible upgrades are difficult if you want your whole system to stay operational during upgrades, since multiple concurrent services could be running. there are industry best practices to tackle this problem, but usually each organization needs to implement the management tools for this themselves, keeping them out of reach for smaller organizations if any of these problems sound familiar, let me know, so I can see whether or not my solution would work for your situation