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Braden Shepherdson17:03:04

I'm really struggling with an opaque such-that failure. the references for the failure are at generators.cljc line 416, but I'm not explicitly calling elements anywhere and I'm not sure what's up.

Braden Shepherdson17:03:17

if I run my own generators 100,000 times it works fine.


What version is this?


(So I can follow the line number)


Now that I think about it I bet you're getting misled by line numbers across versions

Braden Shepherdson18:03:53

I think I tracked down the source of that error; which is that (s/and int? #(< -30 % 30)) implicitly uses such-that internally.


Yeah that's the usual culprit

Braden Shepherdson18:03:27

I also apparently managed to break my REPL, and it kept telling me that something wasn't a generator when it clearly was. reloading it fixed that, not sure what caused it.

Braden Shepherdson18:03:02

anyway, now it's working nicely.


Reloading the generators namespace somehow?

Braden Shepherdson18:03:37

not sure. now that I've fixed the problem with my generators, it's not happening anymore.

Braden Shepherdson18:03:51

yeah, it's a mystery. I'm really loving the generative testing for fuzzing some complicated file encoding code, though.


Yeah it's fun