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yeah there's a lot of stuff there; the main reason it's confusing is because I was trying to add more useful and easy-to-use information without breaking stuff relying on the old keys


:result is the worst part, since it has the truthy-or-exception thing going on; that's why I added the :pass? key, so you can tell with a straightforward check whether the test passed or not :result-data is customizable, if you write a property that returns something that satsifies the clojure.test.check.results/Result protocol


the only specific use of it that's baked in is when a normal property throws an exception, the exception is added as a key in the result-data


which might currently have the unfortunate side effect of causing exceptions to be printed twice 😞


I can see both parts are fairly undocumented 😕


I tried to spec things at some point I think; maybe that'd be a good way to start


Except they probably haven't added docstrings to specs yet have they