# test-check

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gfredericks 01:55:18

I keep wondering if a rewrite of the generators namespace could result in a more coherent notion of size; it seems hard to come up with one

gfredericks 01:56:22

an initial thought is that sizing generators could be easier to understand if they tried to interpret size as a suggested value for (comp count pr-str)

gfredericks 01:56:45

or a suggested maximum value

gfredericks 01:57:12

but there are lots of cases where that's not a useful default, so users would have to be more involved with sizing to get what they want

gfredericks 01:57:46

and it would also be hard to pull off, especially for combining collection generators with custom generators using gen/bind

gfredericks 01:58:09

it'd be useful to know how well the other quickchecks do at this

gfredericks 01:59:59

I don't like that clojure.spec needed to do some weird depth-tracking thing