# test-check

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lucasbradstreet 10:32:26

max-shrink-time would be nice. I sometimes resort to dumping the first shrink and then manually shrinking it via other strategies for some of my tests. The callback function would be awesome though - even selectively printing the failures as it shrinks would be helpful

gfredericks 15:20:11

I figured max-shrink time would be useful for CI

lucasbradstreet 15:21:21

Even just printing the seed before a shrink would be helpful, to be honest.

lucasbradstreet 15:21:51

Or giving us a way to do so. The callback idea would work though.

gfredericks 15:33:22

Well the callback is already implemented :simple_smile:

lucasbradstreet 15:38:30

Looking forward to trying it