# test-check

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lucasbradstreet 09:15:03

@viebel so great!

viebel 09:15:47

@lucasbradstreet which one? the blog post or the interactive doc?

lucasbradstreet 09:19:33

Both are great. I love the docs versions with inline testable examples though. I want it everywhere :smile:

lucasbradstreet 09:21:31

In the example where the property is incorrect i.e.
(let [s (sort v)] (< (first s) (last s))))) it might be useful to say that both properties and the code they test can be incorrect. Usually you’re trying to start from a correct property and find a bug in your code, but sometimes your code ends up testing your properties instead. I’m not sure how obvious it’ll be to a new user

viebel 15:14:41

good input

viebel 15:14:49

how would you fix it @lucasbradstreet ?

viebel 15:16:21

@lucasbradstreet you can live interactive doc with the codox klipse theme. It’s super easy to integrate in any lib that is cljs ported