# test-check

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gfredericks 02:24:48

@lvh I think if you could enumerate the sort of distinctions you're aiming at it wouldn't be hard to put together yourself

gfredericks 02:25:12

(defn gen-tweak "Returns a generator of variants of x such that (= x x')" [x] ...)

lvh 03:57:15

Yeah; I was hoping that was implemented already because I’ll probably miss a bunch :slightly_smiling_face:

gfredericks 04:04:21

it'd be a weird thing to include, because it's open-ended and also inherently suspicious of clojure itself

lvh 04:10:09


lvh 04:10:20

canonical serialization is desirable in a lot of cases though :slightly_smiling_face:

lvh 04:10:38

Fortunately I can mostly deal with just local storage, so I don’t really need it

gfredericks 04:11:57

also it depends on clojure impl details

lvh 04:12:36

right; which is why I want it as a test and not as some manual verification

lvh 04:12:47

I want a computer to tell me when it stops being true before it matters :slightly_smiling_face:

gfredericks 04:15:32

feel free to add something to test.chuck