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Hello everyone! I'll be streaming in about 10-15 mins! This week is the final countdown for at the end of the month we'll have something out there on the internet finally. It may not be pretty, but it will be finished, and that's the important part at this stage in my game. We're doing another morning warmup as well. Ever since watching @sekao's about his, I've had my brain bent around the thing, and I want to learn how to use it. I'm going to attempt to get familiar with it via a relatively simple coding challenge: animating a bouncing SVG ball around a screen. No promises as to anything looking pretty or even working: the concept of the library is both simple and radical at the same time. All I will promise is a few error messages and a self-deprecating laugh or two 😛 Anyway, if you'd like to join the stream, here it is:

metal 3