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Clif Jordan14:01:52

Are you going to do a live stream today?


Yo @iamclif, I am! The schedule is faltering just a little bit these past couple days, but I'll be back on at 9:30 for the rest of the week :thumbsup:


Although that is a good segue into what I have been doing this morning, which is putting up the blog post summary for week three of the project! If y'all would like to read up on the summary for last week, here's the link:

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I love the Fooly Cooly end credits song! Cool to see it mentioned here.


I really enjoy these summaries, and your writing, btw.


I've ironically had the soundtrack to FLCL for a long, long time, and loved the songs, but never got into the show itself until this month. It is a mind-bendingly good show! Glad you're enjoying the writing too! It's a great way to share news about the project and to reflect and think about what I'm doing. I've got visions of turning all these posts into a book or something by the end of the year. I bought a copy of this guy's book to get an idea for what a book-based-on-a-blog could look like:


What an interesting book


And thing to do

Clif Jordan14:01:45

Awesome man - glad to hear

John Oerter17:01:57

Hey! This is pretty cool Iā€™m looking forward to catching up on these.


Welcome John! Glad to have you around :)


Felt like a link in the channel topic might help ^ simple_smile

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