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Haven’t had a chance to look at this until today when noticed the name change posted on Twitter. It reminds me very much of Fennel, which compiles to Lua (which I use to configure Neovim)!

Cora (she/her)04:09:48

that came up when we were discussing a new name

Cora (she/her)04:09:53

fennel is pretty nice 🙂

Cora (she/her)05:09:58

in squint is nthnext just:

export function nthnext(xs, n) {
  return seq(xs) ? drop(n, xs) : null;

Cora (she/her)05:09:16

or do we want to eagerly realize that into an array?

Cora (she/her)05:09:43

or do we want to eagerly realize the iterator and then put the remaining values back into a new instance of the type that xs came in as?

Cora (she/her)05:09:21

user=> (nthnext {:foo "bar" :baz "qux" :hi "bye"} 1)
([:baz "qux"] [:hi "bye"])

Cora (she/her)05:09:34

seems like we could just convert it to a vec and return it?


I have come to think maybe we don't need to include nthrest/next since they would just be equivalent to drop


cc @U4YGF4NGM for second opinion


personally never used them


Migration of code and links, etc to squint now completed

eccentric J18:09:13

What inspired the name change?


I just didn't like clavascript enough

eccentric J18:09:22

I see. Is the inspiration that if you squint it looks just like cljs?

👍 3