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nav and portal right. How would you for example define it so you can click on a user id, then it navs to some overview query result. Isn't there something for datomic where entities are navable ?


@U02CV2P4J6S Not quite sure what you're asking here but the results of next.jdbc/execute! and next.jdbc/execute-one! are datafyable and navable -- and that works well with Portal.


So "It. Just. Works." -- you tap> a next.jdbc result set into Portal, expand to get to, say siteid, and select its value, then enter will nav to the result of querying the site table for a matching id value.


that sounds ultra sick I have to try. How does it know which tables and such and which namespace is providing this?


It's explained in the docs. There's a default convention but you can override it with the :schema option to tell next.jdbc how to map columns as FKs.