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Hi, I’m using with jtds in a somewhat older project, and because of some changes in the data volume, the queries are getting way too slow. The reason seems to be this: If I “manually” plug my parameters into the query, it’s fast again, but I can’t figure out how to pass the property in the connection map.


@mathias_dw just add :sendStringParametersAsUnicode false to your db-spec hash map?


oh that’s what i tried but it didn’t speed up in the same way as when i manually inserted them into the query string


but thanks a lot for the quick reply, @seancorfield! I’ll try it again.


(tried again from scratch with the parameter added, but no improvement)


Sorry, not sure what to suggest then. Are you building a connection pool, or just relying on c.j.j creating a connection directly from the db-spec hash map?


no worries 🙂 It’s just a connection with the db-spec map. It’s no big deal to manually create the query string, since it’s from a pre-defined list of values.