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@seancorfield what is your current thoughts around honeysql v2 and specific db operations (for example, I used left join lateral today in a query which I hand crafted - which is a postgresql feature, although oracle has lateral and cross apply and mysql also has lateral).


@dharrigan It is very easy to register new clauses that behave like existing ones: (h2/register-clause! :left-join-lateral :join :right-join) -- adds :left-join-lateral to mean LEFT JOIN LATERAL that is formatted exactly like the existing :join clause and is inserted into the generation order just before :right-join.


ah right right, I recall now you mentioned that - was that a v2 thingie?


But it would be just a single line addition to the code base to add that in as core to v2. Yes, v2 only.


looking forward to that! 🙂


I hit a roadblock with v2 that I've been in my hammock thinking about since. I think I have a way forward now, but it's a substantial rewrite of the engine (no change to the API, I think).


Good things comes to they who wait 🙂 I can wait 🙂