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seancorfield/next.jdbc {:mvn/version "1.1.569"} -- -- more granular column reading control; automatic snake/kebab case support if camel-snake-kebab is on your classpath; doc updates etc -- In more detail: Bug Fixes: * Fix Spec for next.jdbc.connection/component (PR #131 from @Briaoeuidhtns) and next.jdbc.prepare/statement (#132); add Spec for next.jdbc/with-options. * Fix support for :cols / :rsmeta on builder adapters by implementing clojure.lang.ILookup (#130). Enhancements: * Add with-column-value to RowBuilder and a more generic builder-adapter to provide more control over column reading (#129). * Conditionally add next.jdbc/snake-kebab-opts, next.jdbc/unqualified-snake-kebab-opts, next.jdbc.result-set/as-kebab-maps, and next.jdbc.result-set/as-unqualified-kebab-maps if camel-snake-kebab is on your classpath (#121). Documentation: Correct MySQL batch statement rewrite tip: it's :rewriteBatchedStatements true (plural). Also surface the batch statement tips in the Tips &amp; Tricks* page. Clarify how combining is interleaving with reducing in Reducing and Folding with plan*. * Use "JDBC URL" consistently everywhere (instead of "JDBC URI" in several places). Testing: * Add a test for the "not found" arity of lookup on mapified result sets (#128).