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David Pham21:06:09

Is next.jdbc a superset of


I consider it the 1.0 release that I was never going to be able to do with c.j.j

Carmine Casciato21:06:30

is it a bad idea to insert 11k rows into a postgres table with next.jdbc? I am reading values from a json file, and I want to get them into a table.


We have a DB setup script at work that loads about 100k rows into MySQL via JDBC (I can't remember whether that part of our system uses c.j.j or next.jdbc right now). We don't run it very often. I wouldn't say it's necessarily a good idea or a bad idea.

Carmine Casciato21:06:53

Ok, this is just local work, I was wondering if this sort of batch processing should be avoided.


"it depends" 🙂

Carmine Casciato21:06:40

of course it does 🙂

Carmine Casciato21:06:18

I did want to say thanks for your work on this, its very nice to work with full on sql + clojure objects

😊 3