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I am doing (extend-protocol result-set/ReadableColumn and for the datatype I am extending I typically implement both read-column-by-label and read-column-by-index but for my current task I don't think I can implement read-column-by-label as it doesn't have the info I need (both the index and the result-set metadata). How do I handle this? Just not implement by-label?


Just make it return the value -- like the default implementation.

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But bear in mind that plan will not convert that datatype since that's where read-column-by-label is used @dcj


I'm getting close to cutting a new release of next.jdbc so I'd appreciate a few eyeballs on this new section of the docs to catch any obvious mistakes before I publish it as part of the new release.


This section is also new (but it's really just a slightly expanded version of what was already in the migration docs)


seancorfield/next.jdbc {:mvn/version "1.0.424"} -- mostly documentation updates, but also :return-keys allows either strings or keywords now, and the reified DataSource object now supports .getLoginTimeout/`.setLoginTimeout`.

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