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Just pushed a re-implementation of next.jdbc.middleware and updated the middleware docs on master -- it is now guaranteed that :post-execute-fn is called, regardless of whether a result set is built or not.


awesome! Thank's Sean! 🙂


Feedback folks. Very important. If I release this, it can only be added to, not changed 🙂 Not Breaking Changes 🙂

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)16:11:43

No special feedback other than "great docs!"


@seancorfield Will try to give it a try this week

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)14:11:40

@seancorfield I have opened a PR to fix date-time for java.sql.Date -and only after getting offline realized it'd be smart to add also a case for java.sql.Timestamp to avoid wasteful Timestamp to Instant to Timestamp conversion.


@holyjak Thanks for that. Weird to see a method overridden and then made useless. Those Java folks are crazy 🙂 I added both types per your comment above, superseding the Pull Request.

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I'm going to leave next.jdbc master as-is for a week so folks can try out the new "middleware" feature and provide feedback/testing. I'll cut 1.0.11 once I get back from Conj.


As a reminder, here's what's on master since 1.0.11: * Fix #76 by avoiding conversions on java.sql.Date and java.sql.Timestamp. * Add next.jdbc.middleware containing a wrapper for connectable objects that can offer default options, as well as four "hooks" for pre- and post-processing functions that make it easier to add logging and timing code to your next.jdbc-based application. * Add testing against Microsoft SQL Server (run tests with environment variables NEXT_JDBC_TEST_MSSQL=yes and MSSQL_SA_PASSWORD set to your local -- -- SQL Server sa user password; assumes that it can create and drop fruit and fruit_time tables in the model database). * Add testing against MySQL (run tests with environment variables NEXT_JDBC_TEST_MYSQL=yes and MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD set to your local -- -- MySQL root user password; assumes you have already created an empty database called clojure_test). * Bump several JDBC driver versions for up-to-date testing. * Minor documentation fixes.