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@seancorfield I honestly don’t know. This is all new code for me. I’m going to have to go back to the client who wrote it all because none of this makes any sense to me. If I restart everything the test passes but then if I recompile that file and run the test again it fails, without my ever having touched anything. Really frustrating.


@darrell And because it's work code, you can't share it I guess?


Thanks for trying though!


i think the problem is that you removed all references to it from the source code, but the table schema still has it. so when you try to insert without that field, it defaults to null and errors on you.


i'd check my db migrations and how it's initialized for testing (since it works if "restarted")


You can't not have a value to a sql column. Even if you remove references to it in the code, trying to insert a row without providing a non null value for that column would cause this.


Also, what do you mean by recompiling and restarting? Can you be more precise?


@janne.sauvala The reason it's the default behavior is to fit in more with the trend for using namespace-qualified keywords. So I recommend folks go with that.


@janne.sauvala I've updated the Getting Started docs with an example of options and, specifically, the unqualified lowercase builder.