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Lucas Barbosa01:09:31

@seancorfield I'll definitely try next.jdbc the next time I use a sql database. Looking forward to it!


I use it for all new work at World Singles Networks now (although we have a lot of code still using

Lucas Barbosa01:09:55

I remember when I saw your first post on clojureverse about it. How is the library maturing? I didn't have a chance to look at it again


Release 1.0.6 is current. There have been no breaking changes since the Beta (May). Most of the releases have really been about improving the documentation and adding small affordances to make certain things easier (adding execute-batch!, datafiable-result-set, ->pool, making it easier to customize result set builders, exposing the map of built-in database types, expanding plan's machinery to support more hash map functions).

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Not sure what will be in 1.0.7 or when I'll cut that. There have been a lot of small documentation improvements on master that I'd like to get up on (which requires a new release).


honeysql "0.9.7" released to Clojars -- almost completely clears the issue list! -- (just in case you're not in the HoneySQL channel but might be interested in a new release)

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