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For those of you using migration libraries like migratus or ragtime, have you had success integrating them with config libraries like config, environ, or omniconf? I’ve started testing omniconf, but am at a bit of a loss on how to integrate those configs with any of the available db migration libraries without having to duplicate the db-spec config.


Regarding next.jdbc Batched Parameters, specifically:

There are several caveats around using batched parameters. Some JDBC drivers need a "hint" in order to perform the batch operation as a single command for the database. In particular, PostgreSQL requires the :reWriteBatchedInserts true option and MySQL requires :rewriteBatchedStatement true (both non-standard JDBC options, of course!).
AFAICT, these JDBC driver hints are added to the db-spec, correct?


Correct (sorry for the slow response -- I'm on vacation in England right now)


I'll try to remember to update the docs when I get home to make that more obvious