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@seancorfield Nice! I'll investigate the custom row builder option, but maybe I just go with that snippet u show above... the thing is: I have no control over the queries... once they are ran against database, the results need to be wrapped in a Avro Message... so I'm using the Resultset to get ResultsetMetadata so that I can get the field type name, precision, etc...


And later, when reading those messages, be able to get what was the "real" database type to 'materialize' them inside another database...


@gleisonsilva I bet you could create a row builder that produced Avro messages directly.


@seancorfield so imagine I have the driver on my Linux filessystem


What I should do to use that from next. Jdbc ? I'm completely a nob with this 😁 clj


As JAR file? It's a local dependency.


Yep it is a jar file


So I should just add it via deps. Edn?


Searching with lein way of doing it..


Thx @seancorfield. I will try out! clj


In deps.edn you just add the full path of the JAR file to the :paths vector. Not sure how you do it in project.clj.

clj 4

I'm loading about 13 million records (3 columns) of data into memory (via clojure/java.jdbc). I intend to keep this data in memory and incrementally poll the database to get new records. The initial load takes a few minutes. Is there anything you guys would suggest to make this faster/more efficient? I'm not doing anything special really. I'm using :row-fn and wrapping the final result like (vec rows)