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HugSQL doesn't touch transactions--it just calls! for :returning-execute queries: Operative line here:


(which makes no sense to me for an insert)


You're right. I'd have to go remind myself about the details of this, but I'm guessing that it calls in order to returning a result set for the SQL RETURNING clause. Can I get the same thing out of!? If so, has this always been the case?


I'd have to try it to answer you for sure...


I plan to create a repro of @ccann’s use case above -- but it occurred to me that the rollback may not reset the auto-increment IDs in MySQL so those would just keep incrementing anyway. Probably will try this over the weekend.


Yep, no rush here...Happy Thanksgiving. And thanks for!


You're welcome 🙂 I'm working today, but planning to have dinner with friends later. Even after nearly 20 years in the U.S. I still find Thanksgiving weird 🙂