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Mattias Didriksson15:11:51

Hi, I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this - however I have a problem calling stored procedures on Oracle DB. I have tried to look around a bit and everyone seem to be doing it like in this example: This doesnt seem to work in newer versions of clojure.jdbc as with-db-connection will give me PersistentArrayMap? Anyone here called stored procedures that can help me out?


I haven't but if you give me the dependency information for your project I might be able to reproduce it and see whats going on


@mattias.didriksson I maintain java.jdbc so I can try to help. You'll have to share your code because I don't follow what you said about with-db-connection...


(jdbc/with-db-connection [db spec]
  ... (.prepareCall (jdbc/get-connection db) ...) ...)
should probably work?