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in order to get back to clojure types, you're going to need a table-specific handler (barring some naming convention for table/column names)


I don't think you want to use jdbc/insert! at all. You probably need to use jdbc/exec! or jdbc/query if you're using honeysql.


If you want to get the generated keys without using jdbc/insert!, I seem to recall you wind up having to call jdbc/db-do-prepared with the right args, I always have to crib from an older project


I usually use jdbc/query for these kind of things indeed, I am just surprised that insert! sees jsonb (standard type) but doesn't see keyword (my custom type)...anyways I solved by transforming the result returned by the query


the type is not actually a type but an alias and this is maybe why it is not passing through jdbc/result-set-read-column