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Lone Ranger15:09:48

Hiya @nathanmarz! I was inspired by your recent hackernews article to try and jump into Specter again. I've tried a few times in the path and... well, I'm kind of thick, I think. Is there a most recent "best way" to learn Specter from the ground up?

Jeff Evans15:09:18

did you see all the stuff listed here?

Jeff Evans19:09:03

Just noticed something interesting today. Having a dangling selected? (i.e. no more paths after it) works in clj but fails in cljs .

(require '[com.rpl.specter :as sp])
(sp/select [sp/ALL even? sp/selected?] [1 3 5])
# in clj
=> []
# in cljs
Error: No protocol method ImplicitNav.implicit-nav defined for type cljs.core/MetaFn: [object Object]


@goomba the Learn Specter section on the github page is probably best place to start


@jeffrey.wayne.evans I guess MetaFn in cljs is not a function


so the implicit nav doesn't kick in