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@puzzler STAY is common with recursive navigators, the README has one for navigating a tree represented by nested vectors. Also continue-then-stay and stay-then-continue use it


as for value collection, it's something I use constantly, especially for more sophisticated transformations


those graph navigators aren't public, but that takes an ancestry graph and adds a field to each node for the "royal name" which is "{name} of {parent1}, {parent2}..."


it navigates to each :royal-name field to create and along the way collects what it needs to compute that value – the parent names and the name for this node


the only places I use STOP are in conjunction with protocol paths, essentially saying there's nothing to navigate to for that type


Is there a way to splice things into lists with specter? For example, I want to find all the [:c :d] pairs and splice them like so: [:a :b [:c :d] :e [:c :d]] should yield [:a :b :c :d :e :c :d].


NM. I figured out a way to do it using continuous-subseqs.