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Drew Verlee04:01:43

@jr0cket is autocomplete still working flawlessly for you? It still flips on and off for me with no real rhythm or reason. i'm starting to blame my diet and the position of Saturn.

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I recently deleted my emacs directory and reinstalled Spacemacs which seems to make Spacemacs smother in use generally. I haven't noticed auto-complete off and on again, although it the past there have been a few times when it wasn't working (although that may have been when I was experimenting with Clojure LSP configuration)

Drew Verlee10:01:41

Huh. Maybe I'll do a reinstall to. Thanks for the idea.


A lot of things can build up in the cache files. Although deleting the cache also deletes history (undo, etc) I also like to natively compile the package if any of the operating system libraries like libc are updated

Drew Verlee21:01:44

How do i remove the cache files?


Every cached should be somewhere in the .config/emacs or .emacs.d directory, in a .cache directory I believe

Drew Verlee15:01:31

Thanks I'll see if cleaning that out helps.


FYI, I've been using Doom Emacs for a few days and yesterday I had auto-complete stop working. When I started Emacs again today, then auto-complete was working again. So it suggests there is an intermittent issue somewhere in one of the Emacs packages (which is going to be tricky to diagnose - at least for me anyway 🙂 )

Drew Verlee04:01:50

I had the same issues. Let me know if i can help. I would absolutely like to learn how to figure this out. What's more, i'm very interested why everyone isn't screaming about this issue everywhere. Eric mentioned a way to check what was doing autocomplete, but the logs were so noisy i wasn't sure what to make of the events i was seeing. But i can find the thread, thats where i was going to start reading about next.


Interesting, I still haven't had this issue. You can inspect: completion-at-point-functions


The completion command is: completion-at-point You should also just try running: completion-at-point to see if that can do auto-complete. If it can, the issue might be with Emacs not calling that function on key-press for example, where it should. If calling the command still doesn't succeed in doing completion, there might be an issue with completion-at-point-functions like the list might be empty for example. It should be a list of functions that perform auto-complete. The completion-at-point command tries the functions in order.


Had autocompletion stop again yesterday in Doom Emacs, tried completion-at-point and nothing happened. Had to quit Emacs and restart before it worked (restarting Emacs didn't help)