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Is there a list of all the spacemacs keybindings some place or a way of seeing what they are for different modes? I'm setting up some keybindings and I'd like to be able to follow along with spacemacs practices if possible

Martynas M10:07:45

try pressing M+x and enter describe-mode


I was hoping it was documented somewhere beyond describe-mode as I don't have spacemacs installed

Martynas M11:07:33

From what I know when using CIDER they define very many different keys for different sub-modes and those modes are all different.


there are bindings for each layer as well


just want to keep my "emacs from scratch" as the kids say nowadays consistent

Drew Verlee19:07:02

how would i hide lines surrounding a region? i feel like i saw this feature in spacemacs default and i can't find it now.

Drew Verlee19:07:45

the answer is narrow-to-<blah>

Drew Verlee19:07:17

that's intresting, i narrowed file-a in one buffer then i created a new layout, and opened the file-a in another buffer and it's narrowed in that one to.