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Drew Verlee02:05:01

the function hinting im getting should be showing me the arguments. The name flickers which leads me to believe lsp and cider are competing. Any suggestions on which to use and how i can get more feedback about the fn? I feel like this was better a while back for me 🙂


I have seen the name flickering on occasion, but hard to reproduce. I could only get the name in the mini-buffer to flicker after just starting the REPL (with LSP on). Otherwise the function argument hints work well with Cider and LSP together using practicalli/clojure-deps-edn config I assume both LSP and a REPL session (Cider jack-in or connect) have been run. Does the issue happen with only LSP (no REPL - , m q q to kill the REPL) Or try with just the REPL and shut down LSP with , b s (`lsp-workspace-shutdown`)


Try updating the LSP server SPC SPC lsp-update-server and then restart LSP , b r (`lsp-workspace-restart`) as there are lots of regular improvements. Check there isnt an older installed version of clojure-lsp on the operating system execution path (i.e. from a manually installed clojure-lsp binary outside of emacs)

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Drew Verlee14:05:13

Maybe i have to versions of clojure lsp. I have been using update-lsp: aliased to sudo bash < <(curl -s to update clojure lsp.

Drew Verlee14:05:41

[email protected]  ~/.spacemacs.d   live  clojure-lsp --version clojure-lsp 2022.04.18-00.59.32 clj-kondo 2022.04.09-SNAPSHOT

Drew Verlee00:05:48

@U05254DQM wanted to follow up and say thanks. I think your right, my version of lsp might have been old? I reinstalled like you said and it fixed itself. It's possible your config looks for lsp different then i was doing in the past. Unclear, but it seems better now.

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Hi, is there a way to instructr spacecmacs to search all the sub projects when we use Leiningen's checkout feature ? Thanks in advance


If all the checked out projects are under a common directory, e.g /projects/ the add a .projectile file to /projects root and start a search A .projectile file can also include patterns to control what files are included (similar to gitignore)


Thanks again, John

Drew Verlee14:05:28

pressing spc q r (restart emacs with layouts) tells me that its getting "the wrong number of arguments" is that happening for anyone else?


Emacs 29 has just introduced its own implementation of restart-emacs function. Spacemacs uses a package that includes restart-emacs Unfortunately the emacs29 function takes no arguments (and at present has less functionality)

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Drew Verlee14:05:41

i guess ill just have to not restart for a while. just plain stop and then start like some barbarian.