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I updated my packages yesterday (manjaro linux), my emacs version is 28.1, and now spacemacs no longer works - the error I get is No such file or directory use-package I tried reinstalling spacemacs, did not work, any leads on how to debug this ?


Was the .spacemacs file or .spacemac.d/ directory moved out of the way? If they were, sounds like a manjaro issue. it could be a bad packaging of Emacs. Or maybe something important was split into another package If using an earlier version of Emacs, the main difference is probably native compilation, so maybe some of those libraries are causing the issue. I assumed you rebooted manjaro after updating its packages. I'm using Spacemacs with Emacs 29.0.50 on Linux (Ubuntu) without any issues.


thanks, installed 29.0.5 and everything again, seems to be working now


SPC f e e should open the .spacemacs.env file, environment variables can be added to that file for use in Emacs


SPC f e E will reload the variables in that file and pick up any new variables from the file or the Operating System environment. However, the Clojure REPL (or any Java Process) will need to be restarted to pick up an environment variables added (after that java process started).


I am not sure if this will work for DISPLAY environment variable though, its not clear to me from the link provided as what is actually requiring I usually add something like DISPLAY to .bashrc for bash (and source .bashrc from .profile , or for Zsh I would add environment variables to .zshenv


It worked. I added export DISPLAY= to .spacemacs.env Thanks a lot @U05254DQM

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