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@drewverlee creating a gist from a buffer or region has worked for me (it's been a few months though) Ensure a GitHub personal token is added to the ~/.gitconfig file and that token was created with repo and gist permissions (if not sure, delete the token and create a new one). I'll do a quick check of SPC g g b next time I'm at a computer

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It seems that Gist has been removed from the GitHub layer, so I suspect there is some issue with recent package or spacemacs versions. Or maybe the gits API changed. I'll try find out more, at gisting a buffer was very handy..


Adding the gist package to dotspacemacs-additional-packages in .spacemacs (or .spacemacs.d/init.el) and restarting Spacemacs, I can use gist-buffer command to successfully create a new gist.


According to one of the Spacemacs maintainers, the gist.el is broken, however, it seems to work so far...


Whist gist-buffer works, when trying to view a file from the gist-list list, it hangs Emacs badly, so I assume this is why the gist.el package has been removed from the github layer.


I've updated the GitHub Gists page on Practicalli Spacemacs to highlight the removal of gist.el from the GitHub layer

Drew Verlee00:11:52

Thanks john. I found the gist option really useful for sharing, I'll need to come up with something else if i can't get it working.