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Is there an easy way to switch key-value pairs in a map? Like sp-transpose-sexp but for key-value pairs, not just single thing. E.g. to go from {:a 1 :c 2} to {:c 2 :a 1} via a single keystroke

Martynas M17:11:28

And what if you'd have {:a 1 :b 2 :c 3} ?


FWIW, there is a drag feature in Calva which kinda sorta sounds maybe related?


@U028ART884X sorry if my example was confusing. I want to be able to switch order of adjacent key-value pairs. So for example (`|` is the position of my cursor)

{:a 1 ... :x 10 | :y 11 :z 100}
would be transformed to
{:a 1 ... :y 11 :x 10 :z 100}
by this mysterious emacs function.

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The same for let bindings as @UE21H2HHD demonstrated with the Calva feature

Martynas M17:11:09

Is there a way to fix treemacs not displaying git changed file colors? Or is it a bug?