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Any idea what function allowed me to delete a line (`d d`) and have my parentheses still be balanced? I switched from ivy to helm a little bit ago because performance was better, but now I miss this feature when editing clojure. I switched back to ivy again, but the feature is still gone. Then I reinstalled spacemacs, so installed all packages and recompiled, but it’s still gone.


Yes, evil-cleverparens makes Vim bindings respect the Clojure structure , T s to toggle on / off

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Ah, when I toggle it the functionality is back!


Now I just have to figure out why it’s not on by default.


You could add this to your .spacemacs in the dotspacemacs/user-config section



Or if its just for Clojure :woman-shrugging:



I do have this in my user config: (spacemacs/toggle-evil-safe-lisp-structural-editing-on-register-hooks). Unfortunately that has no effect in any lisp buffer. When I try to describe, SPC h h, it says it’s in ../init.el, but it isn’t. First it says the file doesn’t even exist. Then it takes me to my spacemacs folder, (usually ~/.emacs.d), but the function is not there.


Actually, I can’t seem to find this function defined anywhere. Edit: Nevermind, it’s here: layers/+spacemacs/spacemacs-evil/packages.el So that’s strange, it won’t activate on startup. Maybe I’ll need a workaround.


I get evil-cleverparens via the Clojure layer. Although it can also be added as a layer itself


Ok, I think I’ve solved it. It must have been related to the previous error of line-number not being defined.


Now I know that one error can cascade into many.