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I’m encountering a problem in running a program by starting the clj repl in the spacemacs shell that works in the regular shell


I’m running this repo: I start with clj and then start entering commands from this file: When I reach line 9: (starter/ensure-sample-dataset) even though the the repl in the terminal works fine, the repl in spacemacs gives the following error:

Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at datomic.client.api.async/ares (async.clj:58).
profile file cannot be null
It seems like it has something to do with spacemacs being unable to source credentials from the ~/.aws/credentials file. I have relaxed the permissions to this file to chmod 777 but still get this error. How can I fix this?


@ps I don't recommend using the Emacs shell buffer for long running processes. There are several shells you can run in Emacs. Try running either multi-term or vterm


@jr0cket doesn’t multi-term accept “paste”?


trying to paste something it says “Buffer is read-only”


@jr0cket ah it uses term-paste . In any case, I’m getting the same error. Profile file cannot be null


It might be how you start Emacs. Try run Emacs from a terminal (rather than a desktop launcher) so it uses the normal shell environment


@jr0cket I always run it from the terminal with sudo emacs


Why use sudo? Isn't that going to change the home path? What environment variables is it going to use, the users or root? I assume you are using Spacemacs develop branch, so SPC f e e will show the environment Emacs is using


@jr0cket the HOME env variable is the user’s home directory as it should be on sudo emacs


@jr0cket actually launching with emacs worked, which puzzles me because the HOME env var is the same in both cases


I've never needed to use sudo to start Emacs, so unclear of your use case. Spacemacs can open root owned files using SPC f E (sudo-edit).