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😩 Please Halp. I'm a spacemacs newbie and I just started being confident as everything was stable between restarts. However since Saturday evening I had issues with a helm package not being available, and since then my system is haunted. For example: I installed magit this morning and now when I launched a 2nd window, it was removed. Am I just being silly or something? (magit was installed before and working fine between restarts, prior to Saturday)


@johanmynhardt it sounds like you have been trying to use packages with Spacemacs. The principle way to install packages is through a layer, adding the layers you wish to use to the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers section of your .spacemacs file. Take a look at this book for help getting started with Spacemacs and Clojure development

practicalli-john17:01:22 is an example of a .spacemacs configuration file with many layers and a little custom configuration in dotspacemacs/user-config Note: .spacemac.d/init.el is used if a .spacemacs file is not present. I prefer this approach as its easier to version my Spacemacs configuration


Thank you @jr0cket I found my problem. I've installed magit manually because I wasn't aware of the layer flag for git, which already enables magit. Small steps learning 😅 Thank you for the wonderful documentation you are doing 🙏

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Once you get used to the layers then Spacemacs becomes really easy for 99% of what most people need. There are a lot of layers to choose from SPC h l will also show the list of layers available