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Gleb Posobin05:01:06

Yes, had emacs hang up every couple of days in some other emacs distro, that one ( works well.


Hi @posobin, dont you have blinking frame ? I do with that distro. On bigsur but was the same with previous os version. I m not sure to know where it come frome, spacemacs emacs some module...

Gleb Posobin06:01:22

What's blinking frame?


My english maybe.. sorry. All the frame turns black during roughly one second and comes back.


It repeats every few minutes. Kind of annoying but not critical

Gleb Posobin06:01:49

I don't have that. But tbh I have also switched from spacemacs to doom emacs at around the same time, so maybe it is spacemacs. I remember emacs doing something like that, but with just clearing the screen and redrawing everything, not black screen (maybe because I am using a light color scheme?). I either got used to it and don't consciously notice it anymore or it disappeared after the switch.


I found people suggesting to change distro for that. yo tell its working for you I was curious to know if you did something

Gleb Posobin06:01:42

Also not 100% sure that that is the distro I am using, sounds like it but not sure how I can check. I just switched it once and forgot.


Same for me, dont know how to investigate this without spending a huge amount of time of reinstalling everything different

Gleb Posobin06:01:30

Switching the emacs distro was painless. Uninstall one, install the other, full compatibility.

Gleb Posobin06:01:44

Switching from spacemacs to doom was harder since all the keybindings are different, had to adjust the config too. But still was pretty quick.


Ok, I saw doom at the beginning but lost that idea. Starting with @jr0cket setup is an another option. I spend time at rhe beginning to understand by myself but my requirements are quite standard for a clojurian


@caumond blinking Emacs is a sign of graphics driver issues or graphics rendering libraries, especially compositors. I did have an issue with Emacs rendering a while ago and it was due to a particular Linux compositor. I changed compositor and Emacs was back to normal.


So its true than it could be quick now I understand what i am.looking for


Doom is great if you have the time to configure it, but really doubt it will fix your issue. The only way to be sure is to run Emacs without any configuration


I m working with macos x, big sur, even I think it was there already before. If I understand well the compositor I use is a part of macos, I feel strange to havr to change that. Am I right ?


I doubt the MacOSX engineers test their OS against Emacs, unfortunately. My limited experience with Mac's suggest trying a few of the different versions of Emacs itself. Emacs also 'recently' changed to Cairo library, so it may be easier to install a different Emacs


Yes but im using emacsfor mac, so if follow you it should be in my setup. I will try with a blank emacs then spacemacs then your setup. I ll tell you. Thanks for the insight


I had the issue with my mac and a fresh macosx install (but sharing my spacemacs setup)


EmacsforMacOSX worked well for me for Emacs 26. However, both macosx and emacs have change graphics libraries since then. It may be that homebrew is a better choice for Emacs 27. I do not have a mac to test. I also would not have upgraded to a new OS so soon as these kinds of issues are much more likely, but I assume that ship has sailed.


I bought a new imac and upgrade my laptop to have consistent experience ...


So both are on big sur ship... 😁


If you upgraded your laptop and that is where the issue occurs, try removing all the Emacs packages from ~/.emacs.d/elpa and restarting