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Hi, totally new to Emacs and Spacemacs and trying to get it up and running. I'm using and I can start a REPL using , ' , but other commands are not defined or different. I'm wondering why this is as it makes it hard to follow the descriptions


@sebastian.goettschkes If the key bindings are all different, then it seems likeyou are running an older version of Spacemacs. Switch to develop for the latest version


It's a strange comments to understand though, as most of the key bindings have been added, only a few have changed.


See for the documentation for using CIDER. Spacemacs documentation is only there to help installing, it not designed to be a user guide


Ok, thanks. I was wondering if anything went wrong as some (but not all) commands do not work. I'll switch over to the develop branch and try again

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hi is there an integration of re-jump, or some other reframe layer in spacemacs ?


I haven't seen any re+frame related packages in the Clojure layer for Spacemacs. Try adding it via `dotspacemacs-additional-packages in your . spacemacs file, its only one function and key binding, so should work. You might need to add the key binding as a hook in .spacemacs to make it work