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M-C-k used to kill the next sexp; I recently upgrade my spacemacs and now it seems to place some cursors around (evil-mc-make-cursor-prev-line) Is there an easy alternative for the former behavior? How do I get rid of those cursors (without killing the buffer)?


@jumar I seem to use SPC v x to delete an s-expressions in Evil normal state (when cursor is on the open or close paren) SPC k d x is the smartparens delete the current s-expression and SPC k D x to delete the previous s-expression


Ah nice, thanks!


hi has anyone an instruction how to setup lsp with clojure?

Dmytro Bunin17:08:32

oh wait that looks like clj-kondo :thinking_face:


There is a clojure-lsp package, but haven't tried it. Happy with the REPL, which is really fast with Clojure CLI tools.