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Drew Verlee00:06:25

The instructions here says i should be able to press g r and get the multiple cursors menu. But that seems undefined. I'm looking around for a decent intro to this topic. I feel like i something simliar by going into visual mode and just selecting multiple lines. Is that different then multiple cursors?

Drew Verlee00:06:56

Im tired, the above sounds insulting. I mean to say, I can't seem to activate the commands


@drewverlee first though is that multiple-cursors is not in the layer list in .spacemacs

Drew Verlee01:06:31

Probably something silly like that, I'll check in the morning. Thanks


Its way past my bed time, but wanted to fix my spec code while I was on a roll...


I think a video is far easier to convey how to use multiple cursors, I will try record a few examples during the week and stitch them together into a video. Myself I only really use g r j with a number in front to define how many cursors I want (where relative line numbers comes in handy as it tells me how many lines I need.


I'd like to automatically call (clojure.spec.test.alpha/instrument) (or really my own spec-instrument function defined in the .spacemacs file) every time I do cider-eval-buffer. What's the easiest way to do it?


Ask in the #cider channel is probably the easiest way 😁


I think I might have something not too dissimilar that could be converted and might work, somewhere in my GitHub Todo list, but could take a while to get working