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@drewverlee when using M-x or SPC SPC is typing a pattern not sufficient to narrow to the command? I have only used those key bindings when there is a command that doesn't have a key binding (and usually add one if I use an inbound command frequently enough).

Drew Verlee13:05:51

Thanks john. I do use M-x Whats happening is that the "emacs command history" is taking up to much of the buffer.

Drew Verlee13:05:19

I guess i'll look into either truncating it, removing duplicates or just removing the history.


Ah, it seems you are also getting the bug where helm is showing duplicate results, which would not help you finding the right command. I suggest you file a bug about this on Spacemacs, SPC h I . Several others have mentioned this issue on the Spacemacs gitter channel, but no one raised an issue yet (making it hard to diagnose). Its not something I have been able to reproduce. I assume its some version of helm package that went bad, but as I cant replicate it, that is just a guess.

Drew Verlee19:05:37

gotcha. Ill make sure to update my dotfile to just in case.

Drew Verlee19:05:43

thanks again.

practicalli-johnny22:05:14 has details of the fix, of you haven't seen that already

Drew Verlee22:05:37

I'll take a look tomorrow! I try to save my editor changes for the weekend so I don't go down even more rabbit holes. I appreciate the message and all your work. I have gotten a ton from it.


To refactor I sometimes use the clojure-mode refactor menu (not clj-refactor), but mainly use the Emacs tools - iedit, helm-ag, narrowing Those Emacs tools work across languages and don't require any static analysis. Never had an issue using them


To me these Emacs tools are far more effective than IDE's I have used in the past. They are fast, langi agnostic, you can be very precise in what you change and the only dependency I have is ripgrep (or ag) to make the search even faster (and provide globbing options)


Hi! I'm trying to get used to spacemacs. Do you use SPC k ,,, key bindings (for example SPC k L SPC k H ) a lot? Which are the most common key bindings that you use while programming in clojure?


@juan.ignacio848 I mostly use s to slurp and b to barf (and S and B companions). w / W to wrap or unwrap. I also use r to replace the parent with the current expression, usually when I have written too much code 🙂 There are lots of other useful key bindings under SPC k but I tend to just use Evil style editing because I got used to them.


In cursive I mostly use raise barf and slurp. mmm and also a delete keybinding. Spacemacs has a lot more to offer and I'm not sure how to use it effectively 😛


btw, is there a way to wrap with [] {} ?


and what other key bindings do you usually use to interact with the REPL?


I'll have to play one of your videos in 0.25x speed to check that stuff haha


I often use Evil normal state to wrap things. First select something with SPC v then s to surround and ] or } to wrap the selection. Using [ or { adds a space between the wrapping characters and the selection. I used to use clojure-mode for changing parens, eg from a vector to a list with SPC r c and the respective character. I now tend to use cs - Evil change surround. Move the cursor to anywhere on or inside the surrounding parens, c s to change surround, the open paren character I want to replace, eg. [ followed by the parens I want to use instead, eg. )

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More videos of this on the way when I get chance 🙂


Thanks for the advice. I'll try it this afternoon


No clojure until then :(


Added more useful tips when creating commits with Magit, includes scrolling through previous commit messages when creating a new commit. Its a simple way to keep consistent approach to the commit history.


Do you have a magit spacemacs video?


There are several more I want to create, but here is the collection of Magit related video I currently have


All my Spacemacs videos should be on this playlist. The ones with dark back grounds may be a little old


👍 thanks

Drew Verlee21:05:56

re. my search for a search+replace: projectile-replace-regexp works for project wide search replace