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Drew Verlee14:05:30

How do i set the truncation the the emacs command history that shows when i press Alt-X? it used to show just 5 or 6 from my recent history now it shows everything and i can't even get to the command options

Drew Verlee22:05:54

Also whats your favorite way to refactor (honing in on simple refactors like name changes) • clj-refactor - doesn't work on cljs and sometimes fails on clj • projectile rename - just errors out for me • helm ag (e.g SPC / + Ctrl c Ctrl e) lets me edit text and commit it, but its not ideal because a) you cant change file names b) it wont even let me do a mass change easily because i cant select the files otherwise it reverts an edits. • regex-replace = doesnt find matches even though their are some I feel like this is one area where spacemacs is constantly failing to provide a sensible default. That or there is some setup or command im overlooking.


TBH, i do it very slow and manually, SPC /, visiting the first hit, then SPC s l, go to next hite, and so on. Certainly does not scale well when there are very many hits. But i never had that case.