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@posobin smartparens is available for all modes, but smartparens is not set to strict mode by default, which provides structural editing. Set this in the . spacemacs file The Clojure layer includes evil-clever-parens package, which can be toggled with , T s or set in the .spacemacs file.

Gleb Posobin02:04:28

Yeah, as I said in spacemacs gitter, smartparens wasn't being enabled anywhere, even with strict mode on, I had to change spacemacs-distribution to spacemacs from spacemacs-base.


Ah, yes. I tried the spacemacs-base distribution once, I was completely lost as most of the packages I rely on were not there.


Coming back to my question from several days ago, I managed to get clj-kondo lsp server working in spacemacs, cfr attached files


One can get the list of warnings by pressing SPC e l (thanks @jr0cket). I haven't figured out yet how to get the little symbols on the left hand side of the code that indicate errors or warnings on that line of code.