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is anyone having trouble with org mode after latest spacemacs updated ? I pulled in the latest dev branch, and then updated all the packages.


@murtaza52 I updated packages and spacemacs a few days ago, I havent noticed any issues. There were some org related commits last month, but seem fairly simple Might be helpful if you say what exactly you are having problems with and then we can try replicate it

Gleb Posobin21:04:46

Hi all! I have just installed spacemacs yesterday and am setting it up. How do I enable smartparens by default in clojure files? I have added the clojure layer and spacemacs-evil for evil-cleverparens to the layers. And I can only find posts of people asking how to disable smartparens instead of enabling it...

Gleb Posobin21:04:35

Also, how do I remove the delay for C-? Say I want to move to the buffer on the right, I press C-w l, but if I press l too fast, it occasionally says "C-w C-l is undefined", but I am not holding C when pressing l. I haven't had such a problem in vim, so I guess it's a lag on spacemacs's side.


@posobin, about your last question, I'd use SPC w l. It should do the same thing.