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@jr0cket thanks for the suggestions.


@mafcocinco sorry, I didn't read the whole description last night, you did say you re-installed Sapcemacs. Did you do a diff between your .spacemacs file and the template. If it's been 2 years since an update there will be changes. Or you could just move/remame .spacemacs and restarting Emacs will create a new one for you. If you are using the default Spacemacs master branch, version 0.200, then there may be bugs that are only fixed in develop. If you would like to try develop (which most people run) then here is a switching guide Be aware that there are a few keybing updates, so check the Readme first before upgrading


Before changing anything with the Spacemacs / Emacs setup, I always check I can run projects via a command line repl. If it does work their, it's not going to work in CIDER.